May 11, Secrets of the Soil – Revealed

Cache Soil to Table
Cache Soil to Table
Thursday, May 11, 2017
Logan Library
Jim Bridger Room
6:30 – 8 p.m.

Wise gardeners and farmers proclaim they don’t “grow plants,” they grow soil! While “dirt” is just a medium to anchor plant roots, SOIL is a living ecosystem teaming with bacteria, fungi, worms, archea, nematodes, and
arthropods. Whether you’re growing kale, tomatoes, peaches or pistachios—or just getting started with a bare patch of dirt and a bunch of garden dreams—Cache Soil to Table (CS2T) intern Joe Montoya and Jeanne Wallace will teach
key concepts that will help you understand your soil and the best management strategies to:

  • prevent mineral deficiencies in your plants
  • maximize plant health and vigor
  • reduce weeds
  • naturally inhibit pests and plant diseases
  • improve the flavor and nutrient-density of your crops

Should you till the soil? Well, that depends… What’s the best way to make
compost? Well, that depends…. What’s a better mulch: straw or wood chips?
Should you use cover crops? Well, that depends…

Equipped with an understanding of the Soil-Food Web, you’ll be empowered to create innovative, individualized (and low-cost) solutions to these and other questions.

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For more information:
Hilary Shughart,
Event Coordinator,
Cache Soil To Table, CS2T

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