September 16, Conservation of the Orange-breasted Falcon presentation

Conservation of the Orange-breasted Falcon- Adventures in Central America Species Restoration

with Jay Tuttle

Herm’s Inn, Downstairs
1435 Canyon Rd., Logan
Saturday, September 16, 2017
Noon – 1 p.m.
(lunch available for purchase)
The Orange-breasted Falcon is a medium sized raptor which once ranged from Mexico to Argentina. Thought by some to occupy the ecological role of the iconic Peregrine in the neotropics, its range has been significantly reduced. The Peregrine Fund has been working to conserve the species since 1991 through monitoring of local populations and captive breeding.
Jay Tuttle is a student at Utah State University working towards his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He earned his undergraduate at the University of Vermont in Wildlife Biology. Jay has been fortunate to have gained experience working on raptors with the Sutton Avian Research Center in Oklahoma, the Peregrine Fund in Belize, and the Wildlife Conservation Society in Mongolia. He will speak and share photographs of the work that the Peregrine Fund performs as part of its Orange-breasted Falcon conservation program in Belize.
The presentation will cover the species natural history, declines, captive propagation and release. As well as the tireless efforts local biologists, supported by the Peregrine Fund, are putting towards preserving the species.

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