September 22-24, Tetons Elk Bugling Trip

Bridgerland Audubon Tetons Elk Bugling Trip

Grand Tetons

Carpool at 3:00 PM Friday 22 September

Grand Teton National Park

The Tetons for Elk Bugling and More. Jack Greene will organize and lead our field trip to witness the Elk Bugling in the scenic Teton Mountains.

The car pool will leave at 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, September 22nd and return Sunday afternoon/evening, September 24th.

Witness the Tetons in their best fall dress where rampaging large ungulates (elk, bison, moose) release their fall passion with grunts, bugling, and a nasty disposition. Fall migrating birds along with winter residents will add to the fun. Some participants choose to camp while others choose to stay in a hotel. You will need to provide your own meals. Expect anything from 40 to 80 degree weather; rain, snow, or sunshine.

For more information contact Jack at 435-764-4815 or email


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