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May 1st, Golf Course Bioblitz


Audubon International is sponsoring a Golf Course BioBlitz in order to demonstrate the large diversity of species that call golf courses home. Let’s help the Logan River Golf Course have a strong showing on this field trip, where we’ll be likely to observe many Neotropical migrants just as they arrive in Logan—Yellow Warblers, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Western Tanagers, Lazuli Buntings, and Bullock’s Orioles are among the most colorful. Meet at Caffe Ibis at 8 AM, with the option to carpool to the golf course and back.

Additionally, any time you are birding at the LRGC between April 22nd and May 14th this year, enter your sightings into eBird and they’ll be counted!

Event photo by Stan Lupo

30 Sep-2 Oct, Grand Tetons (was 23-25 Sep)

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Teton Splendor
Witness the Tetons in their best fall dress where rampaging large ungulates (elk, bison, moose), release their fall passion with grunts, bugles, and a nasty disposition. Fall migrating birds along with winter residents will add to the fun. Car pool 3 pm from parking lot north of Café Ibis 3 pm Friday, Sept 30, return Sunday afternoon, Oct 2nd. Several hikes combined with auto tours will be included, and a visit to the Teton Science School Murie Museum. We will be camping at Gros Ventre campground, so bring your own food & gear. RSVP by contacting Jack Greene: 435-563-6816 or

Aug 6th, High Creek Canyon


An all day outing to High Creek Lake (or you may shorten if desired). Stunning scenery, wildflowers, and hopefully a moose or two! Easy first two miles, then elevation gain begins to lake at 9000 feet. Meet at 8:30 AM with an option to carpool from the parking lot between Caffe Ibis and the Fire Dept. on Federal Avenue. Bring binocs, hat or sun screen, lunch, trail snacks, insect repellant, a light jacket. Host Jack Greene

July 23rd, Tony Grove— Birds, Butterflies, and Wildflowers


Birds, Butterflies, and Bloom at Tony Grove Lake

“Beautiful flowers with wings”, a phrase frequently used to express the exquisite beauty of butterflies. Join the Bridgerland Audubon Society for a fieldtrip to learn the secret lives of these amazing sparks of life, the flowers they visit, and birds that eat them! Place: Tony Grove meadows. Meet for car pooling at parking lot between Café Ibis and Fire Dept. on Federal Ave. 9am on July 23rd for carpooling. Return early afternoon. Bring lunch, water, light jacket, hat or sun screen, binoculars, camera, butterfly net (we will have some). Trip leader: local naturalist Jack Greene or 563-6816. Bring binoculars and a lunch. Return by mid afternoon.

May 7th, Canoeing


Amazing Birds in the Maze! Canoe Trip in the Cutler Marsh Wetlands Maze on Valley View (2nd north) marina. 5:30 – 9pm. Option to carpool from parking lot between Caffe Ibis and Fire Dept. on Federal Avenue. Bring binocs, insect repellant, and a light jacket. There is a $22 fee if you need a canoe which includes paddles and life preservers.
Please RSVP by May 3rd using the Stokes Nature Center form.
Trip leader: local naturalist Jack Greene or 563-6816.

Event photo by Ryan O’Donnell

30 Apr, Amalga Barrens (evening)—Shorebird Spectacular


Visit the Amalga Barrens to see spectacular shorebirds in our wetland playa. Unique coastal shorebirds spend part of their year with us- stilts, avocets, phalaropes, sandpipers. A birding bonanza! 5:30 – 9pm. We’ll meet at  parking lot between Caffe Ibis and the Fire Dept. on Federal Avenue, with an option to carpool from there. Bring binoculars, insect repellant, a light jacket. Trip leader: local naturalist Jack Greene ( or 435-563-6816) and Andrew Durso (, 919-349-7967)

Event photo by Ryan O’Donnell

30 Apr, Birdie Day—Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek and Ranch Breakfast


We have been graciously invited by our great rancher friends, the Selmans, to visit their property in southern Cache Valley and observe Sharp-tailed Grouse dancing on their mating grounds. Following the grouse viewing, the Selmans will feed us a wonderful ranchers’ breakfast. In addition to viewing the birds, it is an opportunity to see how truly responsible stewards of the land like the Selmans carry out their ranching operations in a way that makes the land more productive and beautiful for both man and wildlife. This trip is suitable for both novice and experienced birders. Meet at 5:00 AM at the McDonald’s parking lot in Hyrum. Carpooling will be available and mandatory from there. We plan to be back about 1:00 PM.

Event photo by Rick Bohn (USFWS).

Mar 19, Farewell to Winter (Polishing Ponds/Cutler Marsh)


We made it through the long winter! Meet at Caffe Ibis at 9 AM and we can carpool to two popular Cache Valley birding spots, the Logan City Polishing Ponds and Cutler Marsh. We’ll observe early migrants, including Cinnamon Teal, Eared, Horned, Western, and Clark’s Grebes, Turkey Vultures, American Avocets, Black-necked Stilts, Franklin’s Gulls, Sandhill Cranes, Tree Swallows, Savannah Sparrows, and Yellow-headed Blackbirds, as well as late winter-early spring specialties, such as Tundra and Trumpeter Swans, Snow, Ross’s, Cackling, and Greater White-fronted Geese, Red-breasted Mergansers, and Thayer’s (and maybe some other) Gulls. And, if you missed certain winter birds, we could catch a late Merlin, Northern Shrike, or American Tree Sparrow. We’ll be back by noon.

Mar 15th, Owling Cancelled


Edit: Tomorrow night’s forecast is looking pretty unpleasant (50% chance of snow, cloudy, low ~25ºF, a little windy). As a result, I don’t think we’ll hear many owls, and we’ll definitely be cold and maybe wet. So, I’m going to cancel this field trip, with the possibility of a reschedule next week. Watch this space for details.

Join BAS Field Trip Coordinator Andrew Durso as we look–and especially listen–for the owls of Cache County. We will hike up Green Canyon in the dark and broadcast calls occasionally to try to hear any of our local owl species, including Northern Pygmy-Owls, Northern Saw-whet Owls, and Great Horned Owls, which should be breeding at this time of year. Bring boots and a light, and meet at the parking lot of the Natural Resources building on the USU campus at 7:30 PM. We’ll carpool from there, and we will be back by about 10:30 PM.

Event photo by Kameron Perensovich