Dec 21, Logan CBC “Clean-Up”

This is a new offering in the BAS field trip schedule! Our knowledge of the birds presently in Cache Valley is never more complete than on the night of the Christmas Bird Count(CBC) By the end of the compilation dinner, dozens of experienced birders have scoured a 7.5-mile radius circle, tallying every species, common and rare. There are always a few surprises: last year, Rusty Blackbirds and an (eastern) Winter Wren were found for the first time; the year before, it was a Lewis’s Woodpecker. What will the 2014 CBC bring?

The purpose of this field trip is twofold: first and foremost, to track down the rarest of the rare that were found the day before on the Logan CBC. We’ll probably have just one to three target birds we’ll be trying to relocate. Second, if time remains, we might try to fill in some of the species that were missed the day before. CBC data also includes “count week” species, because sometimes you just happen to miss a species that is present. We can help make our CBC data better by filling in a few of these blanks if any common species fail to turn up on count day.

Please, don’t be a moocher! It is a lot of birding to participate all day on the CBC and then go out again the next morning for more. But, we’d like to limit this trip to ONLY people who participated in the CBC. It’s not fair to capitalize on other’s heroic CBC efforts without contributing yourself. To register for the Logan CBC, email Bryan Dixon at

Meeting details will be announced at the CBC compilation dinner, but we’ll likely go from 9AM to noon. As with all our field trips, it is free to attend and all skill levels are welcome.