June 29, Blacksmith Fork River Trail Evening Bird Walk

Blacksmith Fork River Trail Evening Bird Walk
Saturday, June 29, 2019
Meet Caffe Ibis parking lot
7 p.m.

Ahoy Birders!

The next installment in our Bird Outings will be taking place on Saturday, June 29th at    7 pm. We will meet at Cafe Ibis in Logan (where there is free parking close by) and carpool from there to the start of the Blacksmith Fork River Trail. 

We will likely be birding till approximately 8:30 pm. The trail is a double track trail with some easy incline and decline. 

Some of the regular birds spotted here are Western Wood Pewee, Lazuli Bunting, Western Tanager, White-throated Swift, etc. 

Our Target bird for this walk will be the Gray Catbird!

Invite your friends and let’s get birding!

P.S. This picture was taken on the trail by me (Joe) yesterday.