March 26, Why we love owls! (and other birds of prey)

Bryce King, 11 Jan 2014
Owl Day, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

When: Wednesday, March 26th, 7-8 pm
Where: First Presbyterian Church Bruner Hall, 200 West Center St., Logan
What: Why we love owls! (and other birds of prey)
Who: Bryce King, Wildlife Specialist, Ogden Nature Center

From Bryce King, our presenter:

I will talk on what makes a bird a bird, what traits make a bird of prey, what traits make an owl. I will discuss some specifics about where the owl can be found, food they eat, night time hunters, quiet flight, hearing ability, habitat, etc.

I have been involved with birds all my life, in falconry for 45 years. I started to help with the Ogden Nature Center back in 2007 then was hired on 2008 as a outreach educator, then I went on my own to do programs with my own animals for schools and other people wanting my programs. I did this for about a year then the Nature Center called me and asked me to be their Wild Life Specialist. I have been here since then.

My job entails going to schools, library’s, and other out reach programs teaching about wild life; from reptiles to birds and mammals. I take the Bald Eagle to Eagle Scout courts of honors. I teach our volunteers to take care of our animals here at the Ogden Nature Center also to handle the birds for programs.