October 25, Evening with the Bioneers

Air quality continues to remain a critically important issue for Cache Valley residents, as it should. Our 8th annual Evening with the Bioneers’ presentations will cover the important aspects of air pollution and how it affects the short and long term health of children, elders . . . all of us. As our medical and science community tells us, the ill effects of red air days extend well past just one twenty four hour period. Poor Air QualityIf we don’t demand clean air now, this complex and unhealthy problem is only going to get worse. You will appreciate and learn from our excellent speakers for our 8th annual Evening with the Bioneers. How about a lifetime of fresh air? It’s up to each of us. What’s your next move?

“A Breath of Fresh Air”, C. Arden Pope III, Keynote
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Logan Tabernacle
Free and Open to the Public

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