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March 26, Why we love owls! (and other birds of prey)

Bryce King, 11 Jan 2014
Owl Day, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

When: Wednesday, March 26th, 7-8 pm
Where: First Presbyterian Church Bruner Hall, 200 West Center St., Logan
What: Why we love owls! (and other birds of prey)
Who: Bryce King, Wildlife Specialist, Ogden Nature Center

From Bryce King, our presenter:

I will talk on what makes a bird a bird, what traits make a bird of prey, what traits make an owl. I will discuss some specifics about where the owl can be found, food they eat, night time hunters, quiet flight, hearing ability, habitat, etc.

I have been involved with birds all my life, in falconry for 45 years. I started to help with the Ogden Nature Center back in 2007 then was hired on 2008 as a outreach educator, then I went on my own to do programs with my own animals for schools and other people wanting my programs. I did this for about a year then the Nature Center called me and asked me to be their Wild Life Specialist. I have been here since then.

My job entails going to schools, library’s, and other out reach programs teaching about wild life; from reptiles to birds and mammals. I take the Bald Eagle to Eagle Scout courts of honors. I teach our volunteers to take care of our animals here at the Ogden Nature Center also to handle the birds for programs.

September 22, Raptor Migration in the Wellsvilles

Join birding expert Bryan Dixon on a hike up to the crest of the Wellsville Mountains to witness one of the wonders of the avian world. Thousands of raptors migrate along the Wellsvilles during the fall migration season. On a good day, we’ll see more than 100 raptors of a number of different species. We’ll hike up Deep Canyon and plan to eat lunch while watching raptors drift by. The trail gains three thousand feet in approximately four miles, so be prepared and be sure to wear appropriate footwear. Bring plenty of water. Since it is usually cool and windy up on top, a change of layers, a warm sweater, and a good wind shell make the experience more comfortable. Bring binoculars, lunch, and water. Meet at 8 a.m. in the parking lot between Caffe Ibis and the Logan fire station. Carpooling will be available.