About the project

The Cutler Marsh Wetlands Maze is a portion of Rocky Mountain Power/PacifiCorp's Cutler Reservoir, located in northern Utah's Cache County. The Maze includes those areas located to the north and south of the "Valley View Highway" (Utah State Route 30). This area is bounded on the north by the abandoned railroad right-of-way at Benson Marina and on the south by Mendon Road (600 South from Logan). This part of the marsh and the surrounding lands are managed by PacifiCorp for the protection and enhancement of flora and fauna and their habitat, as well as to provide additional opportunities for recreation (e.g., canoeing, hunting, fishing, and birdwatching) and for traditional agricultural land uses such as grazing and irrigation storage. The water impounded in Cutler Reservoir is used by PacifiCorp, an electric utility company, to satisfy irrigation water rights and to generate hydroelectric power.

Rocky Mountain Power is a PacifiCorp company, and serves some 642,000 customers in Utah. PacifiCorp, through Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific Power, serves 1.5 million electric customers in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington.

Map of the project area of Cutler Marsh

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