recreational opportunities

Public uses specifically encouraged in the Wetlands Maze include wildlife viewing and research efforts, human-powered boating activities, and fishing and/or hunting in the seasons established and regulated by the State of Utah.

Map of recreation areas in Cutler Marsh

Cutler Recreational Use Policy

PacifiCorp owns and operates the Cutler Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 2420) as part of the Bear River hydro system. This system of storage reservoirs and hydroelectric plants furnishes electricity and irrigation water for many users along the Bear River. The Cutler project consists of nearly 10,000 acres of land and water managed for power production, irrigation, public recreation, wildlife, and compatible agricultural uses. PacifiCorp recognizes and is committed to maintaining the unique recreation opportunities and wildlife habitat values provided by Cutler Reservoir. In order to insure the safety of the diverse users and protect the unique resource values of the area, PacifiCorp is implementing the following watercraft use policy:

In all zones:
Snowmobile use is prohibited on Cutler Project lands and waters at all times during the year. The use of snowmobiles on the reservoir (‘reservoir dragging’) is inherently dangerous and negatively affects water quality.

All structures or facilities (such as boat docks or buoys) must be temporary and have written permission from PacifiCorp’s Utah Hydro Resources Department prior to installation (see contact below). Additionally, all boating activities (including competitions) must comply with all state regulations.

North Zone (access via the Benson and Canyon Boat Launches):
Motorized watercraft users are encouraged to launch and utilize the facilities and portions of the reservoir north of the old railroad crossing at Benson (see map). Personal Water Craft (PWC) are allowed in this zone of the reservoir.

South Zone (access via the Cutler Marsh Launch):
Motorized boats are restricted to a maximum of 25 horse power and must maintain "wakeless speed" at all times in this zone. No PWC are permitted in this zone (south of the old railroad trestle).

Please help us by complying with these regulations. Your cooperation will allow us to maintain the unique recreational opportunities found at Cutler, as well as help us conserve Cutler’s sensitive marsh habitats. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions regarding this policy by writing:
Cutler RMP, Suite 270 NTO, 1407 W. North Temple, SLC Utah, 84140

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