Logan Mitigation Ponds

Logan River WetlandsCopyright © 2008 Jason Pietrzak

The City of Logan and Bridgerland Audubon Society created the Logan River Wetlands, a.k.a. Logan Mitigation Ponds or Sue’s Ponds. There are 3 ponds against the 1900 West. A playa west of those ponds can be reached by walking the road from the ulocked gate near the sign. Bridgerland Audubon supplied the sign, the pump and secured the water rights from Logan City for the playa. This is often called “Sue’s Ponds” because Sue Drown coordinated creation of the playa with Logan City. Now that she has moved, Bob Atwood manages the site for Bridgerland Audubon Society and coordinates with Logan City.

Mitigation Ponds on Google Maps
Bridgerland Audubon Contact: Bob Atwood

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