Dam Placements

Beaver Dam, Temple Fork, Logan Canyon, Courtesy & ©  Bethany Nielsen

Perhaps we should leave dam building to those who have been doing it longer in some places.

Beaver Dam, Temple Fork, Logan Canyon
Courtesy & © Bethany Nielsen

Eyes have been looking at water in Cache Valley for decades, trying to decide how they can put it to better use. As with all development, there are good and bad results. Let’s explore where the good and bad are with these developments.

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In 1991, the Bear River Development Act was passed by the Utah Legislature

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Proposed Dam Sites
(A Work-in-Progress and in no order)

Temple Fork:

May 3rd 2022, David Rosenberg asked us to meet at the proposed side and explore dam placement above Logan in the Temple Fork area of Logan Canyon.

Potential Temple Fork Dam
Meet at Temple Fork Trailhead (about 15 miles up Logan Canyon).
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
2 p.m.

Updated flier attached and is also posted at this link (Google Drive).
Details attached, including link to background information:

Please encourage others to join. And please reach out if you have questions:

David Rosenberg
Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering and Utah Water Research Laboratory
Utah State University
david.rosenberg@usu.edu | @WaterModeler | 435.797.8689
Web: http://rosenberg.usu.edu
Blog: https://utahandwesternwater.wordpress.com/

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  4. (cancelled) Apr 12, 2022 Flier with map, presenters, directions, etc.

UDWRe Comments by Robert Oaks, Utah Licensed Professional Geologist, Professor Emeritus, Geosciences Department, USU:

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Oneida Narrows

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Smithfield Dam

History to be added…

Amalga Barrens

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Cutler Enlargement

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Raising Hyrum Dam

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Cub River



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Whites Valley

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Weber Bay

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