Cutler Reservoir & Marsh Important Bird Area

Cutler Marsh, Copyright 2010 Mike Fish, Photographer
Cutler Marsh
Copyright 2010 Mike Fish, Photographer

In 2009, the Cutler Marsh and nearby Amalga Barrens in Cache Valley were recognized as one of the world’s most important bird habitats. This recognition came from Birdlife International and its US partner — the National Audubon Society. This was the result of years of surveys conducted by members of Bridgerland Audubon Society and others.

Audubon Important Bird Areas

Cutler Hydroelectric Project, PacifiCorp,

Cutler Marsh, Copyright 2010 Mike Fish, Photographer
Amalga Barrens
Copyright 2009 Jim Cane, Photographer

Cutler Marsh-Amalga Barrens Important Bird Areas, Holly Strand, Wild About Utah,

The work that made it happen:
The Rookery, Arie Kirk, Herald Journal News, Posted Jul 17, 2009

White-Faced Ibis Rookery :  AFO Presentation:  Cutler Reservoir-Amalga Barrens:  an IBA of Global Significance for White-Faced Ibis

Wetland maze:

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