Conservation Awards

Allen W. Stokes Conservation Award

This award has been presented annually since 1976 in honor of the late Allen W. Stokes who, for much of his career at Utah State University and continuing into his retirement, had a profoundly positive effect on environmental conservation by urging individuals and organizations to protect and conserve our natural resources.

2019 Ron Goede

2019 Bob Atwood
2018 David O. Wallace
2017 Richard J. Mueller
2017 Herm Olsen
2016 Star Coulbrooke
2015 no Annual Meeting, no Conservation Award
2014 Colby Neuman
2013 Dave Rayfield
2012 ​ C Val Grant
2011 ​Laraine S. Swenson
2010 ​Jim Goodwin – Bioneers Conference
2009​ Sean Damitz and Kate Stephens – Utah Conservation Corps
2008​ Bryan Dixon – Environmental Activist
2007​ Issa Hamud – Logan City Environmental Director
2006​ Dan Miller – Bear River Watershed Council
2005​ Penny Trinca – Sustainable Agriculture activist
2004​ Bret Selman and Family – Ranchers/ conservationists
2003​ Jim Steitz – Student and environmentalist
2002​ Kent Clegg – Crane conservationist
2001​ Mike Jablonsky – Dark skies conservation
2000​ PacifiCorp (Eve Davies) – Remediation work at Cutler Reservoir
1999​ Nadene and Gordon Steinhoff – Environmental activists
1998​ Shawn Swaner – Environmental activist
1997​ Mae and Merv Coover – Environmental activist
1996​ Margaret Pettis and Dick Carter – Environmental activist
1995 Citizens for the Protection of Logan Canyon
1990​ Steve Flint – Environmental activist
1989​ Betty Boeker – Chemistry professor, Audubon treasurer and boat builder, and Bruce Allsop – Mountain Fiber Co., cellulose insulation
1988​ Neff Hardman – Mendon Farmer
1987​ Alice Lindahl – Environmental activist
1986​ Ken Sizemore – Cache County Planner
1985​ Jack Spence – Environmental activist
1984​ Thomas Lyon – English professor, environmental activist (Logan Canyon)
1983 Design West Architecture – Conservation minded building design
1982​ Joseph and Inez Berger – Hardware Ranch Managers
1981​ Gary Smith – Writer and environmentalist
1980​ Douglas Eames – Willow Park Zoo Manager
1979​ Ann and Davis Schimpf – Published Cache Trails and other valley publications
1978 Duane Cox – Beekeeper and environmentalist
1977​ Not awarded
1976​ Allen W. Stokes – Wildlife professor and environmentalist

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