Grow Native For Birds

Grow Native For Birds: Utah Public Radio and Bridgerland Audubon Society Present GROW NATIVE FOR BIRDS Bookmark Art Contest Now through October 13, 2020 Details at

Results: Utah Public Radio and Bridgerland Audubon Society Present GROW NATIVE FOR BIRDS
Bookmark Art Contest

The Grow Native For Birds project is sponsored by Bridgerland Audubon, National Audubon, Utah Public Radio and Utah Native Plant Society.
We started with a declaration by Mayor Holly Daines
A contest through Utah Public Radio followed to collect art for a bookmark. The winning design was by Evan Tynan. A copy of the front and back is found below.
The printed bookmarks were distributed to elementary schools in the Logan School District and to the public through Cafe Ibis.
We also underwrite Wild About Utah on Utah Public Radio and promote Grow Native content.
We encourage you to think about planting native plants in your yard and in public spaces and provide learning links on this page and our Wild About Utah pages below:

The Proclamation:
Proclamation to Grow Native for Birds, Facebook Live,
You can read the Grow Native For Birds Week Proclamation by Logan Mayor Holly Daines here.

Grow Native Bookmark Art Contest:
Bookmark Contest Page
UPR: Congratulations! Evan Tynan Wins ‘Grow Native For Birds’ Bookmark Art Contest
The Results: FrontBack

Wild About Utah Grow Native Links:
L’Ai, Linda, Native Plants for Birds, Wild About Utah, February 8, 2021,

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Shughart, Hilary, To Grow Your Own Bird Food, Native Plants Are Key!, Wild About Utah, April 12, 2021,

Other Links:
Plants For Birds, The Coleman and Susan Burke Center for Native Plants, National Audubon Society,

Some birds eat berries, and some birds drink nectar, but almost all songbirds feed caterpillars and other insects to their young. Native plants serve as host plants for the butterfly and moth caterpillars which sustain 96% of all songbirds. This one minute video tells the story well:
“Plants for Birds,” National Audubon,

Native Plants for the Utah Landscape, Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping, Utah State University Extension,

Native Plants, The Coleman and Susan Burke Center for Native Plants, National Audubon Society,

Tallamy, Doug, Sustainable Landscaping, Research, University of Delaware, May 2, 2013, 2.26 min,

Book: Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife With Native Plants (2007), by Douglas Tallamy , on the importance of insects for baby birds (East of the Rockies, the one thing to plant is an oak tree because they host nearly 500 species of butterflies and moths whose caterpillars are essential protein for most baby song birds! West of the Rockies, Willows, also chokecherry, serviceberry, plums…).

Tallamy, Douglas, Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard, Timber Press, (2019),

Bringing Nature Home website links to NWF’s zip-code driven native plant database tells you which insects are hosted:

Audubon’s zip-code driven native plant database also tells you which birds are attracted:

More Resources:

USU Extension Publications:

Jim Cane’s Gardening for Native Bees in Utah and Beyond, includes a flowering calendar for cultivated bee plants:

Creating Landscapes for Wildlife… A Guide for Backyards in Utah, Written by Sue Nordstrom and Illustrated by Kathlyn Collins Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Utah State University with Margy Halpin, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; Second Printing 2001,
Updated for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, by Frank Howe, DWR Avian coordinator; Ben Franklin, DWR–Utah Natural Heritage Program botanist; Randy Brudnicki, DWR publications editor; and landscape planning illustrations by Stephanie Duer.,
Published by:
State of Utah Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife Resources,
Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service and
Utah State University Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning;
1991 updated 2001 &

Handbook on Riparian Restoration

Top Five Berry Plants for Birds, butterflies

Native Plants to attract hummingbirds:

Water-Wise Plants for Utah Landscapes, Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping, USU Extension, &

Wildflower Meadow, City of Austin, TX,

This is from Washington Master Gardeners – a great role model booklet:
Using Native Plants to Preserve Birds and Protect Homes

Additional Bird Protection Choices:
Protecting Birds Against Window Strikes, Bridgerland Audubon Society,

Protection Against Plastic Pollution,

Protection Against Free-Roaming and Feral Cats,