Wilderness Stewardship

Dyer's Woad Courtesy & © Hilary Shughart

Dyer’s Woad
Courtesy & © Hilary Shughart

Talking Points

  • Weed Day is to encourage wilderness stewardship – We want to protect the Cache National Forest from invasive weeds.
  • Logan Canyon has 13 endemic wildflower species – this is the only place they grow.
  • There are 54 weeds that have been declared noxious by the state of Utah.
  • Invasive weeds have been called a raging biological wildfire:
    • They impose economic losses to agriculture, and
    • Irreparable ecological damage to wildlands.
    • Outcompete native biodiversity.
    • Cause the loss of the ecosystem services of native plants which serve as host plants for insects and provide food, pollen and nectar.

Noxious Weed Field Guide for Utah

Section 4-17-6 of the Utah Noxious Weed Act

State of Utah Noxious Weed List

Cache County Vegetation Management Division

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Log and Report Your Findings via iNaturalist