Cache Valley (Logan) Christmas Bird Count

Thank you for joining us for the CBC on December 16th!
It was an adventure…

Please check out our 2017 page for updates.
Keep your feeders full and get ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count and Feederwatch.
Record your sitings on ebird.

  • Past Bridgerland Audubon Christmas Bird Counts
  • National Audubon Christmas Bird Count Site
  • Area Bird Counts Courtesy

    Count Reports
    2017 Report
    2016 Report
    2015 Preliminary Repor–98 species (details coming soon…)
    2014 Preliminary Report
    2013 Report
    2012 Christmas Bird Count Report
    2012 Christmas Bird Count Summary Spreadsheet 1991-2012
    2011 Cache Valley Count Report
    Summary: Cache Valley Counts 1991-2011 (pdf)
    Summary: Cache Valley Counts 1991-2011 (HTML)

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