Keynote Speakers

2023 Logan Christian, Coexisting with Mountain Lions
2022 Darren Parry and Will Munger, History, Healing, and Restoration for Boa Ogoi – Shoshone Bear River Massacre Lands and Waters
2019 Paul Rogers, Quaking Aspen’s Role in Biodiversity Conservation
2018 Stephen Bennett, Capitalizing on nature’s most industrious animal, the beaver, to aid in watershed restoration
2017 Joe Wheaton, Co-director of the Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation & Restoration, The role of beaver and restoration in promoting better health for streams
2015 Joe Wheaton, Beaver: Leaving the Heavy Lifting of Conservation to an Ecosystem Engineer
2013 Michael Wolfe, Emeritus Professor, USU Dept. of Wildland Resources
2012 Rick Danvir, Deseret Land and Livestock Co., The Nexus of Sage-grouse and Public Land Grazing In the Western United States
2011 Brian Moench, The War on the EPA: What does it mean for your family’s health?
2010 Stephen Trimble, Bargaining for Eden: The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America
2009 Jen Hajj, Hawk Watch International, What We Learn from Raptors
2008 Rob Davies, Pulling the Trigger on Climate Change Solutions: The Cache Valley Tipping Point
2007 Ella Sorenson, National Audubon, Gillmore Sanctuary, Shorebird Pathways of the Sky: Utah’s Indispensable Role
2005 Joan Degiorgio, Utah Power