River Golf Course Audubon Sanctuary


Bridgerland Audubon Society is working with Logan City and National Audubon to develop and register the River Golf course as an Audubon Sanctuary.  This is a way to improve the habitat on the golf course as well as make it a more enjoyable place to play and visit.

Monarchs in the Rough

We received a grant for seed for one acre of native Milkweed & Wildflowers from the Environmental Defense Fund and Audubon International’s Monarchs in the Rough Program. These will be planted in the area marked below by Logan River Golf Course Superintendent Randy Oldham.

Monarchs in the Rough Participants
Monarchs in the Rough 8.5×11 flyer
Monarchs in the Rough 11×17 poster
Monarchs in the Rough Resource Guide
Monarchs in the Rough Social Media
Monarchs in the Rough sponsor logos: Environmental Defense Fund and Audubon International
This is a developing project. Information will be added to this page as it develops.

If you would like information, or if you would like to assist, please contact:
Hilary Shughart

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