Cache Birders Hotline and Statewide Notification Tools

There are four ways to share bird sightings in Cache County and to find out about recent sightings. Two statewide listserves include Cache County in their coverage, a mailing list and a localized listserve.

  1. Birdnet is a listserve for reporting rare birds statewide. Details at
  2. Birdtalk is a listserve  for any other bird-related topics: to share common sightings, discuss patterns in occurrence, or to discuss birding locations, for example. Details at
  3. TopofUtah is a listserve for reporting birds in the Cache, Rich and Box Elder counties. Details at
  4. For sightings only in Cache Valley, please email Nancy Williams at: nancy.moonbeam (at) Nancy receives and forwards emails to anyone interested in Cache County birds
  5. For statewide sightings, a recent GoogleGroups list is found at
  6. eBird is a great tool not only for reporting sightings, but for monitoring recent sightings as well as locating birds you may want to see.