Education Awards

Carl M. Johnson Environmental Education Award

The education award has been presented annually since 1975, and in 1991 was named in honor of the late Dr. Carl M. Johnson, who was professor of forestry at USU for 30 years. For twenty of those years, he served as an extension forester throughout the state. He was very active with youth groups, and volunteered his time to get them out of doors to learn about the natural wonders of our valley and mountains.

2019 Emily Malik
2018 Leanna Spjut Ballard
2017Jennifer Sapp
2016 Terri Barnes
2015 Mark Larese-Casanova
2014 Reinhart Jockel
2013 Lyle Bingham
2012 Robert Schmidt
2011​ Michael F. Butkus
2010​ Holly Strand – Stokes Nature Center
2009​ Rob Davies – Climatologist and Educator
2008​ Eric Newell – Logan educator and environmentalist
2007​ Bill Masslich – Cache Valley Learning Center
2006​ Andreé Walker – USU Aquatic, Watershed, and
Earth Resources Department
2005​ Megan Barker – Stokes Nature Center Environmental Educator
2004​ Bryce Passey – Mount Logan Middle School Teacher
2003​ Dick Hurren – Education through field trips
2002​ Nancy Mesner – USU Wetlands Education
2001​ Jennifer Levy – Allen and Alice Stokes Nature Center​
2000​ Michael Allred, Division of Water Quality –
Worked with school groups on Little Bear
1999​ Ron and Wendy Hellstern – Educators with the environment at heart
1998​ Gordon and Bobbie Bosworth – Local educators
1997​ Glen Gantz – Directed construction of Stokes Nature Center
1996​ Sandra Schimmelpfennig – Denzil Stewart Nature Park
1995​ Sharon Olhorst – Teaching the teachers
1994 ​ Steve Archibald – Education efforts in Cache Valley
& Teton Science School
1993​ Kayo Robertson – Local educator
1991​ Jack Greene – Local educator and environmentalist
1987​ Arthur Holmgren
1986​ Jack Noh
1985​ Chandler St. John
1984​ Sam Taylor
1983​ Gary Smith – Writer and environmentalist
1981​ Sam Skaggs
1980​ Scott Matheson – Governor of Utah
1979​ Genevieve Atwood
1978​ William F. Sigler
1975​ J. Whitney Floyd