Take action for the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake Courtesy Pixabay

The Great Salt Lake
Courtesy Pixabay

For the good of the water levels of the lake, the birds, insects and brine shrimp that live on the lake and the ecosystem surrounding the lake, please weigh the consequences of your actions:
Be mindful when driving, using water and when shopping locally or online.

Contact your legislators:
House Members
Senate Members 

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Questions About Listing the Wilson’s Phalarope as an Endangered Species

The initial press release appears to be from The Center for Biological Diversity. Below is the first release with the follow-up releases and backup information.
Think of this as a study on how to get the word out for an environmental question:

Endangered Species Protections Sought for Wilson’s Phalarope, The Center for Biological Diversity, Mar 28, 2024
Press Conference Thursday Highlights Urgency of Endangered Species Act Protections for Threatened Migratory Bird, Deeda Seed, The Center for Biological Diversity, March 25, 2024
Backup page: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/species/birds/Wilsons-phalarope

The science behind the petition: Mono Lake and the Wilson’s Phalarope under the Endangered Species Act, Katie Smith, The Mono Lake Committee, Mar 28, 2024
Updated Version of the Wilson’s Phalarope Conservation Plan Available, Marcela Castellino, Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN), Feb 1, 2024
Wilson’s Phalaropes and their Journey from Canada to Argentina, Emily Hamel, Max Malmquist, National Audubon, Sept 25, 2023
The local media pieces:
How a tiny bird could trigger a federal response on Great Salt Lake
Opinion: One little bird’s fate is intimately tied to the future of Great Salt Lake
Environmental group seeks protection for this Great Salt Lake shorebird species
Group petitions U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect migratory bird called Wilson’s phalarope
The group is asking the government to protect Wilson’s phalaropes (I can’t find any information about this rogue new site.)
When it makes sense, gain knowledge and raise attention by attending seminars & rallies:

Is Great Salt Lake a Person? Courtesy & Copyright Sarah Woodbury

Is Great Salt Lake a Person?
Courtesy & Copyright Sarah Woodbury

Feb 27, Is Great Salt Lake a Person?

what: an art film screening & discussion panel on the personhood and state of Great Salt Lake
when: Tuesday, Feb 27, 7pm
where: The Cache Bar, Logan, Utah, (21+) 139 South Main Street

the film: This short lyrical dance-poetry piece dreams into relationships between Great Salt Lake, birds, and humans in the context of a collapsing ecosystem. Born out of a process of listening to and speaking with this saline being, the piece is an empathetic imagining of the lake’s embodied experience.

the panel: Following the film will be a panel conversation with local caretakers of the lake, from storytellers to policy experts to scientists. Join us to explore the sentience of Great Salt Lake and ways this informs approaches to the lake. 

Growing the Flow in the Bear River to Save our Great Salt Lake, January 26, 2024, USU NR 204, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Jan 26 Growing the flow in the Bear River to Save Our Great Salt Lake

Jan 26 Growing the flow in the Bear River to Save Our Great Salt Lake, USU NR 204 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm.

  • Land acknowledgment by Shoshone tribal leader Darren Parry
  • Dance & poetry production by NR graduates
  • URC lobbyist Matt Berry-maintaining the Bear River-GSL inflow
  • “Grow the Flow” government relations and Program Coordinator Jake Dreyfous-How to work with our legislators
    Where: USU NR 204
    When: Friday, 1-2:30 pm Jan 26
    Free – open to the public
    Contact jackisgreene@yahoo.com
    Bridgerland Audubon

    Rally for Great Salt Lake
Jan. 20, 2024, South Capital Steps, 3 pm

    Rally for Great Salt Lake
    Jan. 20, 2024, South Capital Steps, 3 pm

    Join us for a Rally to Save Our Great Salt Lake, on Saturday, January 20th, at 3 pm on the south steps of the Utah State Capitol! Our legislature has taken important steps to protect the lake in recent years, but we need to see bolder action in 2024 to match the urgency and severity of this crisis.

    It’s going to take a groundswell of community pressure to hold our decision-makers accountable, and we need your voice! Show our leaders the breadth of our movement, listen to inspiring speakers, and learn how you can engage with GSL groups to take action for the lake throughout the 2024 legislative session and beyond.

    Speakers will include: Virgil Johnson with the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation; Izzy Khachatryan with the Youth Coalition for Great Salt Lake; Courtney Henley with Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment; Muskan Walia with Utah Youth for Environmental Solutions; Forrest Cuch with the Ute Tribe; Ben Abbott, BYU scientist and Executive Director of Grow the Flow; author and activist Terry Tempest Williams; and lake-facing poet Nan Seymour, as emcee.

    Rally with us on Saturday, January 20th, at 3 pm on the south steps of the Utah State Capitol. (Text credit: GSLA, Great Salt Lake Audubon)