Feb 27,
Is Great Salt Lake a Person?

Is Great Salt Lake a Person? Courtesy & Copyright Sarah Woodbury

Is Great Salt Lake a Person?
Courtesy & Copyright Sarah Woodbury

what: an art film screening & discussion panel on the personhood and state of Great Salt Lake
when: Tuesday, Feb 27, 7pm
where: The Cache Bar, Logan, Utah, (21+) 139 South Main Street

the film: This short lyrical dance-poetry piece dreams into relationships between Great Salt Lake, birds, and humans in the context of a collapsing ecosystem. Born out of a process of listening to and speaking with this saline being, the piece is an empathetic imagining of the lake’s embodied experience.

the panel: Following the film will be a panel conversation with local caretakers of the lake, from storytellers to policy experts to scientists. Join us to explore the sentience of Great Salt Lake and ways this informs approaches to the lake.

the context: Utah lawmakers are considering a bill that would prevent Great Salt Lake from qualifying for legal personhood, barring government entities from recognizing that nonhumans–like the lake–have legal standing. Join UPR’s Tom Williams and panelists for discussion on this topic.

Sarah Woodbury, Poet, Performance Artist & Socio-Ecology Student, Utah State University
Darren Parry, Historian, Author & Storyteller, Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation
Brian Steed, Executive Director, USU Janet Quinney Lawson Institute for Land, Water & Air
Molly Blakowski, PhD Student in Watershed Science with dust focus, Utah State University
Tom Williams, Co-Manager and Host, Utah Public Radio
Jake Dreyfous, Government Relations Coordinator, Grow the Flow

sponsored by:
Bridgerland Audubon
Grow the Flow
Utah Public Radio

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