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Aug 30, Utah Trails Forum
Webinar Series
Session 1: Land

Aug 30 Utah Trails Forum Webinar Series Session 1 Land - Logo used with permission

Introducing the Utah Trails Forum Webinar Series:
Conservation, Recreation, and Trails

The Utah Trails Forum is excited to announce our next webinar series: Conservation, Recreation, and Trails. This three part series will look at the crucial junction between conserving healthy ecosystems and providing responsible recreation opportunities. Some of the questions we will discuss: Who are the important partners when pursing a trail project on or near sensitive habitat? What is a land trust and how do I work with them? What are the best practices for protecting wildlife and cultural resources? Where do trails simply not belong? The Utah Trails Forum webinars are planned as interactive, network-building sessions, so please bring your own questions and get excited for breakout discussions alongside the panel presentations. We hope you’ll join for all three sessions!

Session 1: Land
Wednesday, August 30th, 12pm-1pm
Session 2: Wildlife
Session 3: People

Learn More and Register for Session 1 by clicking here!

Session 1: Land
– Meet our Presenters –

Elaine York, West Desert Regional Director for The Nature Conservancy
Elaine York, The Nature Conservancy, - Image Courtesy All Rights Reserved

Elaine York, West Desert Regional Director for The Nature Conservancy in Utah, is based in Salt Lake City. She is the on-ground lead for their conservation work in western Utah, including biologically diverse Washington County. In her 27 years with the Conservancy, Elaine has led innovative projects in landscape planning, ecological modeling, and land acquisition in partnership with multiple state and federal government agencies and private landowners. In 2008 she received the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Recovery Champion award for her work protecting rare plants in Washington County and in 2019 she and a number of partners received the Recovery Champion award for their work on behalf of the Utah prairie dog. In her free time, Elaine enjoys spending time with family and exploring the deserts, canyons, and mountains she is personally and professionally committed to protecting.

Corey Ann Dutton, President, South Summit Trails Foundation

Corey Ann Dutton, President of the South Summit Trails Foundation - Image Courtesy All Rights Reserved

Corey Dutton is a real estate lender and the founder of Private Money Utah, a private debt placement company in Utah. Corey is originally from Austin, Texas and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. She obtained her MBA in 2005 from Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management. Corey is the President of the South Summit Trails Foundation which is a trails foundation that builds recreational and transportation trails in the south central area of Summit County.

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Aug 14, Owls – Jennifer Ackerman on UPR Access Utah

<i>What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World’s Most Enigmatic Birds</i>, Author Jennifer Ackerman UPR Access Utah Interview, Aug 14, 2023
Listen to Utah Public Radio’s Tom Williams interview Jennifer Ackerman, author of What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World’s Most Enigmatic Birds

Jennifer Ackerman is an award-winning science writer and speaker, and the New York Times bestselling author of What an Owl Knows, The Bird Way, and The Genius of Birds.

Enjoy Again:
Listen at 9 am or or 7 pm Monday August 14, 2023.
Alternatively, watch for availability on

Acquire Jennifer Ackerman’s June 13, 2023 Book What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World’s Most Enigmatic Birds:

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March 16, Owling Field Trip

Bridgerland Audubon Owling Field Trip
March 16,
Poster Created by Matt Kugel

Bridgerland Audubon Society Owling Field Trip
Smithfield, Birch or Green Canyons TBD

When: March 16th. Meet at the Cafe Ibis parking lot at 5:30 pm.
Return around 9 pm

If snowing or otherwise poor weather, we will reschedule

Bring your warm clothes, biloculars, headlamp/flashlight, and snowshoes!

Questions? Contact Matt Kugel at

2023 Field Trips

Logan City ICON Trail Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

Logan City ICON Trail Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

Logan City ICON Trail , Field Trip Guidelines, Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

Logan City ICON Trail
Field Trip Guidelines
Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

From the Bridgerland Audubon Facebook Group, Matthew Kugel:
Hello all! I hope everyone had a happy holiday filled with love and joy. My name is Matt Kugel and I am the new Activities Coordinator and Chair for Bridgerland Audubon Society! Part of my responsibilities within BAS is to guide birdwatching field trips in and around Cache Valley. I will be doing so once per month and sometimes more! I will post an activities calendar for the year, which will include trips to the Bear River Auto Tour, Logan Lagoons, kayaking the wetlands of Hyrum Reservoir, and more! But for now, see the attached flyer for our January event at the Logan Icon Trail.

Please see the two attached flyers for details!

A bit about me: I am originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and have lived in Logan for almost two years now (Go Pack). I started birdwatching in college for an ornithology course and the passion stuck and has carried me to birding adventures in Arizona, Colombia, and Guatemala, volunteer activities for the World Birding Center at South Padre Island, Texas, and guiding for the Great Salt Lake Birding Festival. I am an open book, so if you want to know more just ask on the field trips! I have some pretty fun stories!
We here at BAS strive to include people from any and all religious, political, cultural, age, language, and gender backgrounds and I want to communicate that these field trips will emulate this openness and acceptance. 🙂 That being said, some of our field trips will have us crossing rough terrain and doing “hard birding”–I am looking at you warblers. I will communicate the physical and birding difficulty of the trips up front and you decide your comfort level. I look forward to sharing my passions for birdwatching, ecology, and botany with all who care to join us on our field trips.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or direct message me. For now, if you are interested please go ahead and comment on this post. I will put together a sign up sheet at a later time this week.

Please note that this fieldtrip was cancelled due to weather and will be rescheduled next week, the 26th of January. Contact Matthew for more information:
Bridgerland Audubon Facebook Group
Search for Field Trips on

2023 Bridgerland Audubon Activities Calendar

All activities will also be announced by flier a week or two ahead of time via Facebook group and the Econet email chain.

2/16/2023 Rendezvous park to Trapper Park-Icon Trail
  • Duration: 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Meet at the Rendezvous Park parking lot at 4:00 PM.
  • We will be walking to Trapper Park on the paved icon trail for about three miles, so dress accordingly for the weather and wear some style of boot.
  • This field trip is suitable for all skill levels and ages.
  • We will stand and wait for Virginia Rail activity at a wetland site for 5-20 minutes at or just after sunset.
  • We should be back to the cars by 6:15/6:30 PM
  • Some expected birds-Great Horned Owl, Virginia Rail, Cedar waxwing, maybe Lincoln’s sparrow, maybe coopers hawk, and maybe western meadowlark.
  • Questions regarding ebird, field books, identification help, ecology, and so on are welcome! I would like to help anyone become fluent in using ebird!
  • Any questions, email
    2/17/2023-2/20/2023 Great Backyard Bird Count 2023
  • Count birds in your backyard, local park, or wherever you spot a bird, and submit your observations online at
  • Additional information:
  • utm_medium=email&utm_source=engagingnetworks&utm_campaign=enews+Jan+2023&utm_content=January+2023+enews+13:19:33

  • Questions? Contact Matt Kugel at
  • 3/9/2023 Owling up Green, Smithfield, Birch, or Lefthand fork canyon depending on activity
  • Duration: Meet at the trailhead at 7 PM, return to the cars around 10 PM
  • Join us as we look, and especially listen, for the owls of Cache County.
  • Bring your headlamps, flashlights, hiking boots, trekking poles, and adventurous spirit!
  • We will nail down what exact canyon we will be exploring in the end of February, so look for updates!
  • Questions? Contact Matt Kugel at
  • 4/7/23-4/9/23 Snow Canyon State Park/Mojave/Zion-Lytle Ranch Preserve
  • This will be a joint field trip with the USU Wildlife Society
  • Jack Greene will be co-leading this trip
  • We will be focusing on plants, birds, and herps
  • Where you stay is at your pleasure have it be camping or at a hotel. We will try to reserve a group campsite at Snow Canyon State Park.
  • We will affirm dates in late February/early March and put out sign up forms for this trip around mid-March.
  • Dates are subject to change, more information to follow.
  • Any questions, email
  • 4/30/2023 Bear River Auto Tour
  • Duration: 7 AM – 4 PM
  • Carpool arrangements recommended
  • Observe the avian migration in close-to or full swing!
  • One of the top spots to bird in all of Utah
  • Scopes provided
  • Date is subject to change with conditions.
  • More details to come
  • Questions regarding ebird, field books, identification help, ecology, and so on are welcome! I would like to help anyone become fluent in using ebird!
  • Any questions, email
  • 5/20/2023 Annual Weed Day partnering with USFS, UNPS, and the City of Logan
  • More information to follow
  • 6/3/2023 Garden Tour on Island Drive
  • More information to follow
  • 6/10/2023 Bear River Celebration and Free Fishing Day
  • In partner with USU Extension Water Quality and the Bear River Land Conservancy
  • 7/22/2023 Birds, Butterflies, and Wildflowers at Tony Grove: Explore Tony Grove and its abundance of butterflies, birds, and blooms with Jack Greene and Matt Kugel
  • “Beautiful flowers with wings”, a phrase frequently used to express the exquisite beauty of butterflies. Join the Bridgerland Audubon Society for a fieldtrip to learn the secret lives of these amazing sparks of life, the flowers they visit, and birds that eat them! Place: Tony Grove meadows. Meet at the US Forest Service parking lot 1500 East Hwy 89 at 9am on July 22nd for carpooling. Return early afternoon. Bring lunch, water, light jacket, hat or sun screen, binoculars, camera, butterfly net (we will have some). Trip leader: local naturalist Jack Greene or764-4815. Bring binoculars and a lunch. Return by mid afternoon.
  • 10/5/2023 – 10/07/2023 Teton Splendor, Come spend the weekend reveling in natural wonders with us in Great Tetons National Park!
  • Trip led by Jack Greene and co-led by Matt Kugel.
  • Witness the Tetons in their best fall dress where rampaging large ungulates (elk, bison, moose, etc.), release their fall passion with grunts, bugles, and a nasty disposition. Fall migrating birds along with winter residents will add to the fun. Several hikes combined with auto tours will be included, and a visit to the Teton Science School Murie Museum. We will be camping at Gros Ventre campground, so bring your own food & gear. Car pool from Aggie Icecream parking lot at 3 pm on Friday, September 29th, return Sunday afternoon, Oct 1. The cost is $10/night/person for the group campsite, or you can reserve your own campsite at RSVP by contacting Jack Greene: 435-764-4815 or