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Nov 7, Is Sasquatch or Bigfoot Real?

Is Sasquatch or Bigfoot Real?

Thursday, November 7

7 p.m.

Logan Library, Bonneville Room

Is Sasquatch or Bigfoot real?  If it is, then the species is certainly endangered.  If not, there are many people who are barking up the wrong tree.  Sasquatch specialist and Idaho State University Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology Jeff Meldrum will review the most compelling evidence for the existence of this creature, the 60 second Patterson–Gimlin film captured in 1967.  The technology for analyzing this film has improved greatly over the past 50 years, and Dr. Meldrum will present what modern analysis of this film tells us.  This is your chance to get many of your questions about Sasquatch answered  The presentation will be in the Bonneville Room in the Logan Library at 7 PM, Thursday, November 7.  It is sponsored by the Bridgerland Audubon Society (

Sept 24 “ONE OF US” A Biologist’s Walk Among Bears

Presentation and Book Signing

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
7-9 p.m.
Herm’s Inn
1435 Canyon Rd.
Logan, UT
Barrie K. Gilbert
Presentation & Book Signing
“One of Us”
A Biologist’s Walk Among Bears.

Tuesday, September 24th, 7 – 9 p.m., Heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Tickets ($15) available until September 17th
Please purchase tickets online via PayPal:

If you must pay by cash or check, email to make arrangements.

Dr. Barrie Gilbert’s fascination with grizzly bears almost killed him—literally. A close encounter with a frightened bear during a research trip in Yellowstone National Park left him clinging to life. Not only did Gilbert recover, he returned to fieldwork, devoting the next several decades to understanding and protecting these often-maligned giants.

Drawn from his decades of experience, Gilbert’s book “One of Us: A Biologist’s Walk Among Bears” explodes myths that depict grizzlies as bloodthirsty beasts and reveals the intelligent, adaptable side of these astonishingly social animals.