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Feb 1, First Dam Waterfowl Bird Walk

Hooded Merganser drake
Photo by Mike’s Birds

First Dam Waterfowl Identification Bird Walk

Join Joe Andreasen for our February Bird Walk, Waterfowl Identification  at First Dam, Saturday, February 1st, 9 a.m.
Good chance of seeing a pair of Hooded Mergansers. We will probably see both Barrow’s and Common Goldeneyes, Gadwalls, American Wigeons, Trumpeter Swans, and Belted Kingfisher. We may also head down the Canyon Road Trail.

Oct 4-6, Teton Splendor camping trip

Teton Splendor

October 4 -6, 2019

Witness the Tetons in their best fall dress where rampaging large ungulates (elk, bison, moose), release their fall passion with grunts, bugles, and a nasty disposition. Fall migrating birds along with winter residents will add to the fun.

Car pool 3 p.m. from parking lot north of Café Ibis or USU CNR parking lot on Friday, October 4th.

Return Sunday afternoon, October 6th. Several hikes combined with auto tours will be included, and a visit to the Teton Science School Murie Museum.

We will be camping at Gros Ventre campground, so bring your own food & gear.

The cost is $12/night/person for the group campsite plus donating whatever is fair to the driver (unless you’re driving!)

Contact Jack Greene by Friday, September 27th if you plan to participate:

 435-563-6816 or .


Sept 28, Logan River Golf Course Trail Bird Walk

Logan River Golf Course Trail Bird Walk

Rendezvous Park

1500 S Hwy 89


Saturday, Sept 28, 2019      8 a.m.


Hi Everyone!

Join us on Saturday, September 28th at 8:00am for some good ol’ birding along the Logan River Trail near the Logan golf course. Bring your binos and your travel mug of coffee. If you would like to attend, but the logistics of getting to Rendezvous Park are too difficult, contact me and we can carpool.

Hope to see everyone there,
Cole Patton

Sept 14, Bird Walk–Logan Polishing Ponds

Bird Walk

Logan Polishing Ponds

Saturday, September 14, 2019

8:30 a.m.


Meet at North Logan Library Parking Lot at 8 a.m.

to Carpool


Calling all birders!
We will be doing a bird walk on Saturday, September 14th at the Logan Polishing Ponds. We will begin the birding at 8:30 am at the ponds, so if you know where you are going feel free to meet us there. If you don’t know where you are going, then we will meet at The North Logan City Library parking lot at 8 am. We can carpool or follow from there.
This is a great hotspot for waterfowl and wading birds. Birds expected to see are Eared Grebe, Ruddy Duck, American Avocet, and Marsh Wren. Our Target Bird will be the Black-necked Stilt! Binoculars and a Spotting Scope are good tools at this hotspot, but if you don’t have them there are always people willing to share.
See you there!
Meet us there or join us early to drive over from the
     North Logan Library
     475 E 2500 N, North Logan
         8 a.m.