May 18, Logan River Icon Trail


Join Bridgerland Audubon and Common Ground along the Logan River Icon Trail.


Notice of a new activity in collaboration with Common Ground Outdoor Adventures!

UPDATE: Due to high water, Trapper Park has been closed until further notice. Please meet at Rendezvous Park Our backup can be the paved nature trail that cuts into the golf course.

We will have a birding event at the Logan River Icon Trail departing from Trapper Park on Thursday, May 18th at 5 PM! Folks from Common Ground Outdoor Adventures will be along for this educational and pleasurable walk. The Icon Trail offers some of the best birding (species diversity) in the valley and I am confident we will yield a 50-species list and possibly more! We will depart from Trapper Park at 5 PM and walk along the paved Icon trail to the IFIT building and back (~2 miles). Upon returning to Trapper Park, the Common Ground folks will depart and whoever is still interested will continue birding until twilight passes.

This is an as-you-please event so feel free to leave as you please and track down our group and join in when you get time.
It is spring time so who knows what species will be about, but I am predicting we should get all of our spring migrants and who knows what else!
Please sign up on our Google doc so I can have an idea of what to expect for participation! Drop your email in the google doc for updates on field trips!
Have a birdie day!

Sign Up on Google Docs

Parking is available at Rendezvous Park along HWY 89.
See Google Maps for South Rendezvous Park

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