2023 Field Trips

Logan City ICON Trail Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

Logan City ICON Trail Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

Logan City ICON Trail , Field Trip Guidelines, Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

Logan City ICON Trail
Field Trip Guidelines
Courtesy & Copyright Matthew Kugel

From the Bridgerland Audubon Facebook Group, Matthew Kugel:
Hello all! I hope everyone had a happy holiday filled with love and joy. My name is Matt Kugel and I am the new Activities Coordinator and Chair for Bridgerland Audubon Society! Part of my responsibilities within BAS is to guide birdwatching field trips in and around Cache Valley. I will be doing so once per month and sometimes more! I will post an activities calendar for the year, which will include trips to the Bear River Auto Tour, Logan Lagoons, kayaking the wetlands of Hyrum Reservoir, and more! But for now, see the attached flyer for our January event at the Logan Icon Trail.

Please see the two attached flyers for details!

A bit about me: I am originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and have lived in Logan for almost two years now (Go Pack). I started birdwatching in college for an ornithology course and the passion stuck and has carried me to birding adventures in Arizona, Colombia, and Guatemala, volunteer activities for the World Birding Center at South Padre Island, Texas, and guiding for the Great Salt Lake Birding Festival. I am an open book, so if you want to know more just ask on the field trips! I have some pretty fun stories!
We here at BAS strive to include people from any and all religious, political, cultural, age, language, and gender backgrounds and I want to communicate that these field trips will emulate this openness and acceptance. 🙂 That being said, some of our field trips will have us crossing rough terrain and doing “hard birding”–I am looking at you warblers. I will communicate the physical and birding difficulty of the trips up front and you decide your comfort level. I look forward to sharing my passions for birdwatching, ecology, and botany with all who care to join us on our field trips.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or direct message me. For now, if you are interested please go ahead and comment on this post. I will put together a sign up sheet at a later time this week.

Please note that this fieldtrip was cancelled due to weather and will be rescheduled next week, the 26th of January. Contact Matthew for more information: fieldtrips@bridgerlandaudubon.org
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