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Apr 22, Proposed Cache Valley Dam Discussion-Safeguarding Cache Valley’s Water – Bear River Development Project

Proposed Cache Valley Dam Discussion
Safeguarding Cache Valley’s Water:
Bear River Development Project

Seminar & Discussion

Date: Wednesday, April 22
Time: 12:00-12:45 p.m.
Place: BNR 102 USU Campus (Biology-Natural Resources Building)
Admission is free and the  public is welcome.

As a result of growing water concerns in the West, plans for a new reservoir in Cache Valley are underway. The Bear River Development Project will develop 220,000 acre-feet of Utah’s water rights on the Bear River. The Division of Water Resources is currently undergoing studies to investigate reservoir sites and right-of-way for a transmission pipeline.

Come join us to learn more about this future reservoir.


  • Marisa Egbert, P.E. Project Manager, Utah Division of Water Resources
  • Mike Collins, P.E. Principal, Bowen Collins & Associates

Sponsors: Quinney College of Natural Resources, USGS Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit and Bridgerland Audubon Society

Project Description The planned reservoir is part of the Bear River Development Project, an effort to address growing water supply concerns in Utah. The project will develop 220,000 acre feet of Utah’s water rights on the Bear River. The UDWR is currently conducting studies to investigate reservoir sites and right­of­way for a transmission pipeline.

Parking for the event is available in the university parking terraces at 850 E. 800 North and 700 E. 600 North in Logan. Or Free Bus Ride Attendees may also use Cache Valley Transit District buses to travel to the event. Travelers should take Route 1 or 4 buses to the Veterinary Science Building stop on 700 North and walk about a block south to the Biology ­Natural Resources Building.

For more information, call 435­-797-­7565.

News: HJ News Public invited to learn more about planned reservoir at USU discussion April 22

Jan 31, Utah Clean Air, No Excuses Rally 2015

We, the people of Utah, deserve clean air. We are willing to do our part, now the Legislature and big industry need to do theirs. No excuses!
Last year, nearly 5,000 people gathered on the step of the Utah State Capitol and made history with Utah’s largest clean air rally and maybe the nation’s. Can we do it again? Yes, we can!
WHEN: Saturday, January 31, 12 Noon to 1 PM
WHERE: Utah Capitol Steps
HOW: To join a car pool from Cache Valley, email or call 435-764-4815.
WHY: Because breathing clean air is a birthright


RED ALERT! Please act by 1:30 pm Wed Jan 28
Friends and Fellow Activists:
Today, (Wed. January 28th, at 1:30pm, in Room 445 State Capitol) the Legislative Management Committee will meet to vote on whether or not to approve a Request For Proposal to hire a team of lawyers to futilely sue the federal government over ownership of America’s public lands in Utah. This is a waste of money ($3 milllion to $5 million) that could be spent much more wisely (education, Medicaid expansion, etc.) and it’s a continuation of an industry-driven, ideological policy that would most likely produce an economic and environmental disaster for our state.
Please read the attached brief fact sheet and then contact Republican leadership and ask them to STOP THE PURSUIT OF THE LAND TRANSFER NOW. It’s not in Utah’s best interest to pursue this legal goose chase and that’s why all our neighboring states have backed away from the concept. It’s making Utah look bad.
Senator (President) Wayne Niederhauser (R- Sandy)        801-742-1606 c
Sen. Stuart Adams (R-Layton)
Sen. Pete Knudson (R-Brigham City)        435-730-4569 c
Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R-Monroe-represents 10 rural counties)      435-979-7077
Representative (Speaker) Greg Hughes (R-Draper)      801-432-0362
Rep. Jim Dunnigan  (R-Taylorsville)
Rep. Francis Gibson (R-Mapleton)        801-361-0082
Rep. Brad Wilson (R-Kaysville)        801-425-1028
You can email, call or just text to politely but firmly express your opposition to the continued pursuit of this losing proposition.  And attend the meeting if you can (sorry for the short notice).
Thank you for acting,
Steve Erickson, Policy Advocate, Utah Audubon Council

Nov 5, Deep, The History of Skiing and the Future of Snow

Presentation, Q&A, Book Signing: Deep, The History of Skiing and the Future of Snow, Porter Fox

Two events:

  • 11:30am-12:45 pm
    Location: USU TSC Auditorium
  • 7:30 – 8:30 pm
    Location: First Presbyterian Church Brunner Hall (200 West Center Street)
  • • Refreshments
    • No cost, donations are accepted
    • Sponsors:: Intermountain Bioneers, Bear River Watershed Council, Bridgerland Audubon Society.

    The book tells a riveting story of an avalanche which took the lives of 3 world class powder skiers interwoven with climate science and projections for the future of the ski industry and those who depend on the glaciers and snowpack as their source of water.
    In the last 45 years, 1 million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere. Rocky Mountain spring snowpack is down by 20%, and Europe has lost half of its glacial ice. Winter warming in the U.S. has tripled since 1970, and warming in the European Alps is now three times the global average.
    “This is the most important book on snow ever written. This is a wake up call. We need to accept our reality and get busy fixing climate change.” —Jeremy Jones, pro snowboarder and founder of Protect Our Winters

    “The first in-depth report on how climate change is affecting the present and future of the ski industry and mountain communities, DEEP is a must-read for every passionate skier.” — John Stifter, Editor, Powder Magazine