Logan River Watershed Community Comments

Comments on “Piping the Little Logan River: Comment Period Extended to 3/16/21”,
Mar 14, 2021, 1:17 PM

I understand the use of pipes for irrigation. Destroying recreation areas that have been used for decades to supply water to keep the ever growing population of this valley; which makes zero sense, since we already have the worst air quality in the nation during our inversions. I do not understand how the EPA or CDC and other agencies have not put a population cap on this area? I digress, back to the irrigation problem. The growing population has 100% been the reason for droughts. Why? Because we live in a high altitude desert valley that is supposed to be covered by Sage Brush, not the greenest lawns in America! Before we spend millions of tax dollars for piping to keep letting people use the water for their grass… how about we California the valley since that is a vast majority of who’s moving here and put water restrictions in place. Every single day during warm seasons, I chuckle at the stupidity I see of peoples sprinklers and systems operating on a DAILY basis and between the hours of 0900-1700! WHY? On the day I am writing this it happens to be day light savings. If we can get the whole country to change the freaking time every aspect of life revolves around to save power! We can probably save our wilderness and natural resources as a community. In all honesty when I heard about this project, I was met with shear disgust at how much this valley is falling into the flow of every other metropolitan area. We are a beautiful unique place in the world. And our title of safest place in the country is slipping away do to this MASSIVE GROWTH that simply should be allowed to happen for health reasons alone with the geographical natural “Flaw” causing inversions. This was water issue was never a problem before and simply shouldn’t be a problem today. The mountain culture of this valley is being run out by people who couldn’t stand to live in metropolis and came here to run away, just to create another metropolis!
I love my home, my valley, my mountains and my rivers! Stop ***king everything up! PLEASE!
Thanks for your time in reading this.

Tye Smith